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Thread: Pyrodex Black Powder

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    Pyrodex Black Powder

    Does pyrodex powder get old? I have had some in it's original can for 8 years. I decided to go out and do some muzzleloader hunting this year but I am just questioning the age of the powder. It is cheap enough to jus replace it but I would like to use this is if possible. I will be using non inline rifle so a percussion cap will have to ignite this old powder. I don't want to have to try it out, mainly if it doesn't fire then I have use a bullet puller. Anyway I thought I would ask here to see if has some pyrodex that has some age on it and still goes boom!

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    They usually recommend replacing your powder yearly. Mostly due to moisture getting into the powder, making less efficent to worthless. If when you sighted your gun in, you saw the gun was "off", it may very well be (at least in some small part) due to a poorer burn in the powder. If it was good, I'd say you should be good to go. 8 years is a VERY long time though
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    Moisture definitely could be a problem, keeping in the basement for 8 years. Rather than hope this powder works, I am buying new powder and caps tomorrow, then everything should work. Thanks for the reply!

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    I think you're making the right choice. Good luck
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    I have some that is at least that old that I still use. The key is I keep it in a sealed ammo can and stored up on the main floor of the house so no moisture can build. Still goes boom juuuuuust fine in my in-line................

    I wouldn't hesitate to use it in my old cap lock either.
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