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Thread: ozark whitetails?

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    ozark whitetails?

    my brother bought 170 achres in the ozarks in missouri that butts up to natianal forest, im from wisconsin and he wants me to come down gun hunting november 10th. I was wondering if anyone knew what the hunting was like down there as far as deer numbers and big bucks

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    I would go down there...this time of the year you never know what might happen. My gparents have a house in Arkansas (i know not the same but it isn't far from MO, in NW AR) and I see a ton of deer everytime we go down there.
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    It's anyones guess as to quality, but I think there is at least decent quantity in the area. MO kicks out some beasts every year. I know EHD was bad in MO this year, like many other states, but I have no idea of the affect in that area. I would check it out, seeing your invited. I'm sure your brother would like share some time in the woods with you and who knows, maybe you've got a honey hole to hunt out of state.

    Let us know your decision and if you go, how the hunting was.
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    Im going to go if i can get a few days off work, ill let you guys know how it goes. Thanks


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