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Thread: Buck-O-Rama sportshow

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    Buck-O-Rama sportshow

    October 12-14 at LCO Casino in Hayward, WI. A hunting show called Buck-O-Rama. Similar to the Deer Classics.

    The show was held here for three years back in the '90s. It is small but something interesting. Seminars,scoring deer and bear, exhibits, vendors and contests.

    I was not excited to have a show in the fall back then but now that I am retired I have plenty of time to hunt so the show might be fun.

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    Strange time for a deer show, but hey if you've got some free time it's not going to hurt anything to attend.
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    have a good time and snap a few pics.
    Kirk Petersen
    WTW Staff & Proud Team Member

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    Yes a stange time for a show is what I thought. When they did this a few years ago I was working and prefer my free time in the woods. Now that I am retired I can move things around and make it. I won't be staffing a booth this time though.
    Attendance was fair on some days but times you could shoot a cannon down the isle without hitting someone. I know that a lot of reps do not like to have fall show either for a few reasons.

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    Hey Smokey I know the early shows that we attend you can shoot a cannon down the aisles at times...But man a show in the middle of October...I think I am still trying to recoup from the other shows yet alone trying to kill a buck!

    Do you have a link for the show info? I would like to look into still.

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    Mike Bagley is the organizer. Heree is his contact:
    218 391 5076

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    A let down. Waste of time for ther most part. Some nice deer on display but most exhibitors were trinket dealers. Only a few really hunting related. I did not stay for any seminars though there was one I wanted to hear but really needed to go hutning instead.


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