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Thread: WI Bow Bear

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    WI Bow Bear

    I drew a zone C, WI bear tag for this fall. I had just moved out of state, so had a good friend run baits and cameras for me on public and private land near a property I used to manage. Baits were hot right up until the week before I planned to fly back and hunt. I sat all day for two days, aside from getting out mid morning to check other baits and grab some food. One other bait was getting hit, but only at night. The third morning, I tried a new scent spray that I had picked up the night before. I carried in the bait bucket this time, since my buddy had to work and couldn't drop me off. The bait hadn't gotten hit, so I put the bucket behind a tree, halfway between the bait and the ground blind I was sitting in. (My buddy had said to just put it in the blind with me as a cover scent. YEAH RIGHT!!) Ten minutes after opening, I heard a noise. As I leaned forward to look at the bait, I finally saw a bear! It was sitting down, facing away from me and chowing down on the bait. I grabbed my bow and came to full draw, waiting for it to do something and give me a shot. It stood up, and started turning, but turned all the way around so it was now facing me, still no shot. It started walking straight towards the blind. When it got to about 10 yds, it finally stopped and turned broadside to smell the bait bucket. I squeezed the release and watched the arrow disappear behind the front shoulder. It roared and took off into the brush. My nerves finally caught up with me as I put my bow down and tried to get my phone out. I waited 20 mins or so before putting an extra round in the rifle to go look for the bear. I found the arrow right away and it looked great, but I didn't see any blood between where I shot and where I saw it disappear. As I walked into the brush, the bear was right there. It only ran 20 yds, perfect double lung and heart shot. I got it field dressed and had to "bear hug" it to drag it out to the road where the truck was going to meet me to pick it up. (only had the rental car) It was an amazing experience that still seems surreal! Definitely a hunt I would recommend to anyone!Name:  IMG_1476.jpg
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    Congratulations! Great looking bear.
    Don't forget to hit the record button!

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    nice looking bear Darty.
    did ya hear the death moan??
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    i'll take the memories

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    Awesome bear! Congrats!

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    Very nice indeed, I'd be Leary About hunting bear from a blind lol. Congrats
    Kirk Petersen
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    Awesome! After shooting a couple with my rifle, I would love to get one with a bow!
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    Really nice bear, good for you.
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    Great job. That is definitely very high on my bucket list.
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    Thanks guys!! Bearhunter, I did hear the moan, it was a sound like no other! Monster4pt, I was definitely leery about sitting on the ground, it did add to the experience though. There's something about a bear walking straight towards you while you're on the ground, holding a bow, that makes it look about 2,000 lbs!

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    Nice job!!

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    lol, im leary about hunting anything that can take me out. I may be ok in a stand but you got some cahonas doing it out of a blind that's for sure. congrats my friend that's awesome. do you eat bear meat? lots of people really like it, wondering if you did and was it your first time and how it was.
    Kirk Petersen
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    Great bear, congrats!
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    Congrats on the bear! I shot my first bear last year and that moan is like you said something like no other!
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    Thanks again everyone!! Monster4pt, I have been eating it now that I finally have it. I had to fly out the day after I shot it, so left it at a processor to cut and package it for me. I just returned to WI for Thanksgiving and flew it all back with me. (cheaper to fly it as checked baggage than ship it!) I had tried it before in stew and thought it was pretty good. It definitely has a higher fat content than a meat like whitetail venison. I made some jerky from ground hamburger and had to pat the grease off while it cooked, but it turned out pretty good! I'll be working on the roasts and chops I have left in the next few months.

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    sweet, let us know how it turns out, id love to try bear one day. but like I said im hesitant to hunt anything that can take me out before I do it. especially in a blind lol
    Kirk Petersen
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