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Thread: Where can I find..

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    Where can I find..

    Someone to respond to my emails or phone calls pertaining to an order I placed here at WTW close to 3 weeks ago?

    The skinny of it is: I ordered a HiTek string stop for my Mathews DXT on Aug 3rd. Being they are hard to come by imagine my joy at seeing they were in stock here at the WTW store. Well it's now Aug. 18th and I still haven't received the stop. Both emails and phone calls have gone unreplied to.
    Would anyone happen to be able to get me in contact with someone who can help?!?
    I don't feel I'm being unreasonable in hoping for at least a response as to the status of my order.

    If anyone can help I'd gladly send them some form of Thank You..

    Thanks.. Hopefully,

    Paul Martin

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    Paul, I will get in contact with a few people about this and see what we can do for you. Sorry about the delay and any frustration you are feeling.
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    Thank you, Sir!
    Given the scarcity of the item I would understand if the "In stock" label was a mistake. I'd just like to know if I need to pursue another avenue for a string stop.
    Thanks again

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    Hey Paul I just processed a full refund on your order. That item is a hot commodity. Hi-Tek was out of stock about this time last year and thought they would be done for good. They did come up with a short run and I bought as many as I could. I have been able to fill every order, until yours of course...I thought I had 1 or 2 left, but do not. Hi-Tek does not plan on making these anymore. If they do it would most likely be without the Lost Camo. If i come across any of these I will be sure to email you and the others that are on the list.

    I would like to offer you a $10 off your next order of $75 or more. Please email me what you need prices on and I will be sure to check availability.


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