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Thread: "Salty" Back From Taxi

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    "Salty" Back From Taxi

    Here is the pic of "Salty" in the works from my Taxi,waiting on final touches;

    And here he is in his final resting place!;

    Field Photo;

    Thanks for looking!

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    Looks good. That is one awesome buck!!
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    Looks awesome!

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    Phenomenal buck! I'd love to have him here to stare at everyday
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    Don't forget to hit the record button!

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    WOW! Impressive deer! Ive been getting the wall pedestal's on my last few too. Super cool look!

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    i'd make room for Salty on the wall
    lots of people have all the toys but no time for memories.
    i'll take the memories

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    That is one heck of a deer!
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    wow, that's awesome. and he turned out great.
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    That is a dandy!! Thanks

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    Whoa....That's a great buck!!
    Love THIS land and pass IT on!!

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    That is a great buck!

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    Impressive... well done. How about the story behind the hunt? Lots of history with this deer?
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