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Thread: Possible new Wisconsin record buck shot 244 inches Whale Tale Archery buck

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    Possible new Wisconsin record buck shot 244 inches Whale Tale Archery buck

    Although its early in the 2013 deer season in Wisconsin it looks like there is a potential new Wisconsin archery deer killed. The buck shot by "Jim" was taken down around 630 pm on Tuesday September 17th in Waukesha County, WI. The lucky hunter who wishes to remain anonymous at this point was hunting his private ground when the monster whitetail buck gave him a 15 yard shot. Jim was able to watch his buck of a lifetime tip over just 20 yards away.

    The trophy buck has a gross non-typical score of 244 inches! Of course we will officially have to wait and see where this buck ends up after the 60 day drying period, but either way its an awesome buck to say the least! As a side note...Jim has had an encounter with this buck before and thinks he was a little bigger last year! Congrats to Jim on a remarkable deer!
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    As these stories break of these world class whitetails we do our best to get the best most accurate information. I feel the details above are very accurate. We will be sure to update this story as we learn more.

    If you have any information on this buck or any other that we should share please email me at Thanks!

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    Outstanding buck
    Whitetailworld Staff

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    Truly a once in a lifetime buck!
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    That's just awesome. What a magnificent animal.
    Kirk Petersen
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    Whoa!!! That's a BIG Buck.

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    Amazing monster whitetail!
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    Whoa!!!! Nothing like starting off the season with a giant, gives us all something to beat!

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    Wow! Shooting a buck that big that early would be crazy! Congratulations to the hunter for not only getting the deer but also for patterning him well enough to get him that early!

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    I couldn't imagine having a chance at a buck like that. Buck fever would over take me.

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    beautiful buck!! for some reason the hunter is not smiling...?

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    I think he is in shock!

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    thats pretty crazy. especially if he thinks he was bigger last year!
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    Absolutely incredible animal!!
    Love THIS land and pass IT on!!

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    That is truly a majestic buck!!!!!

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    Incredible buck!
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    Hope it pans out legit,it's nice to see the regular (blue-collar)"Jims" get these brutes,instead of the high $$$$ people!

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    WOW That's a brute...

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    just think... given 1 more year!!!!!!!!!!
    lots of people have all the toys but no time for memories.
    i'll take the memories

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