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Thread: Buck movement

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    Buck movement

    Hunter log books over the years have indicated that the majority of bucks have fallen on bright sunny days. However, the accepted hunter theory is that deer movement increases on cloudy,overcast days. I took a ten point buck on a clear sky, high barometer day. I've seen a mature buck cruise by me at high noon on a blue jay day. What has been your experiences with deer movement in relation to cloud cover?
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    Here in SD, unless that cloudy day has drizzle or snow, i'd take the sunny days. Things must just want to lay around and nap like some people on cloudy days.

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    I have heard stories like this before about deer only moving when the high pressure systems are in full swing during the rut. Nice clear, calm wind days maybe with a light breeze and a chill in the air usually seem to work the best but I have also shot deer when the weather was absolutely horrible. Snow wind and rain and even a crazy sleet storm. Fact is if the does are close to coming into estrus the buck will move no matter what the weather is like. It is in there nature to breed and produce next years crop per say. I also think that many guys don't like hunting when weather isn't exactly perfect and conditions aren't always the way they would want them to be. Deer in my opinion really don't care if its cloudy, sunny, raining snowing or windy. I am one of those guys that when I start to see more bucks on the prowl during the day I will start to take note on where I am seeing them and what the conditions are like. Whether I am in my car or in a stand. Take notes for a while and do a little bit of research of the area that you are hunting, and when they move, you make your move to your stand if you think you can brave the elements. As you know not everyday is picture perfect for hunting but you have to be willing and ready to hunt anytime.

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    I'll huntnin whatever conditions present me if the deer are moving. Saying that I see more deer usually on a bright day. When its overcast and drizzling though is a close second

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    Most of my kills have been nice sunny days, but that might be because I didn't have good rain gear before and hated hunting in the crappy weather lol. You would think that they would move more on the overcast days because it is cooler but I notice a lot of my pictures that I get during daylight hours and deer that I see when I sit all day are on nice sunny days. During the rut its all about the does. If the does are moving the bucks are moving, if they are bedded the buck is bedded or standing over them. On really windy days I like to get out and do some slow stalking using the noise and all of the movement around me to my advantage. I have killed several deer that way because they are usually bedded down and may be a little lethargic.
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    Good stuff ta2d. I've got to try the windy day slow stalk.
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    I've had luck on both types of days. I do seem to notice that the deer will move a earlier in the evenings on cloudy overcast days though.

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    seems like every time i begin seeing some kind of pattern weather-wise, the next week something happens and throws it right out the window.
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    Just my opinion, but.... I believe more deer are killed on nice, sunny days because that's when the hunters are out. Cloudy, drizzly, cold, nasty days many simply stay indoors and wait for the weather to be a little nicer. I've killed bucks on sunny days, cloudy days, warm days, cold days and just about any combination of weather pattern there is. However, I will take a cloudy cool day with a light drizzle 9 times out of 10 up until the rut. Deer just seem to be active more often then not in those conditions. From the rut on, I want sunny and COLD.
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    I agree with you BS. Sunny Cold days are the days I prefer during the rut. Last year I shot my buck on a light rainy day. But then again I will hunt whenever I can no matter the conditions
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    Quote Originally Posted by the bearhunter View Post
    seems like every time i begin seeing some kind of pattern weather-wise, the next week something happens and throws it right out the window.
    I have to agree in my experience a kill can come with any weather conditions.

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    Loving to hunt whenever i am able. The best days i do agree when its nice and sunny or cloudy no wind and chilly to cold. But still hunt in any weather. IF its to bad and rainy or snowy no deer moving best time to get down and spot and stalk, Or do some scouting. With the weather being bad rain or snow will keep the scent down.

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    id say my best days are the miserable ones. snowing, cold, windy. not sure why butthats when I see more activity. last Christmas eve I hunted from 11:00 till dark in 20 below wind chills and snowing, I saw a few dozen deer and one that I almost let an arrow fly at but decided he wasn't old enough.
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