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Thread: Team 5

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    Team 5

    Team 5

    Total team points = 20 points





    20 pts doe
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    Here's a quick run down of the rules.

    1. WHEN you shoot a deer, take pictures AND remember you have to be in them with the animal!
    2. Post the picture(s) in the 2013 BBC Mosh Pit section! You have to do this part to receive any points. No picture = no points
    3. Score your animal using the Boone & Crockett scoring system. No deductions! I just need the overall gross score of your buck. If it's a doe or button buck it's 20 pts.
    4. Report that score to me (TC). You can do this by simply making a post here on our team page, by U2U, email, etc. Then I'll take it from there and add the score to our scoreboard listed above. Anytime a qualifying animal is taken, I will adjust the score on that board. So you should know where we stand on nearly a day to day basis. I will then report our score to wischunter (who is running the overall scoreboard) He will not accept scores from anyone that is not a TC.
    5. wischunter will then update the overall scoreboard for the BBC that shows every teams status on their score. It should be updated frequently.
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    Let's start out with some introductions and team name ideas.
    My name is Dan Williams. My season started in ND 2 weeks ago. I most likely will hunt in MN again this year but haven't totally decided yet. I spend a lot of my time behind the camera videoing my kids as they hunt.
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    Hi guys, I live and hunt s.central WI. Our season started yesterday but I did not get out yet. I started self videoing a couple years ago but have yet to get a harvest on film. Hopefully this will be the year.

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    Hi, My name is Brian Stenseth and I also hunt in Wisconsin. I hunt with my son and a couple of friends in Buffalo County.
    Hoping to get out this weekend with my son coming home from Law school. Looking forward to a great season!!

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    It's good to have you aboard Mark and Brian. It's been a pretty rough start to my season. Things can change in a hurry though, that's what I keep telling myself anyways.
    We're still waiting to hear from Dozer and brand. Any ideas on a team name?
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    Hi guys, my name is brandon and I live and hunt in southern Iowa, I will be videoing for my brother for his last year of youth season for the next three weekends and then it will be time for me to get in the stand with the bow. I have harvested a buck over 150 for the last three years in a row now and plan to keep the tradition alive. As far as a team name fall reapers? haha I have no clue

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    Welcome aboard Brandon, good luck this Fall.
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    My brother shot this buck at 25 yards about an hour and a half into the first night in the treestand. This was one of the most exiciting hunts that I have ever been a part of. We had a doe come by at 20 yards about 15 minutes after entering the stand and the action continued from there on out with multiple different deer. He wanted to shoot the first doe but I told him that he couldn't as it had a young fawn with it. He thought that it was really cool to have deer that close to you. This buck grosses 145 which I thought was pretty good for his first deer. I could not get this kill on film because the action happened very fast, about a minute from the time we first saw him until the shot. Just thought I would share this with you guys, can't wait till October 1st. Good luck guys.

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    Hey guys! my name is Steve Ellefson, I live and hunt SE MN, my season started Sept 14, I have been getting a few nice bucks on trailcam but have not seen them in stand yet. I will be out there all this weekend hoping to change that. Good Luck to all of you this season , and lets get some points rolling
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    Hey Steve, thanks for checking in. We have a complete team now. Good luck this weekend.
    Congrats to your brother Brandon that's a great looking buck. Sounds like you two had a great night in the stand.
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    Smoked this doe at 9 yards this morning, she ran 25 yards before expiring. Wasn't sure that I was going to get the job done for a second, when I first noticed her she was about 70 yards out in a CRP field and heading straight for me so I couldn't stand up or get ready until she hit the timber. My stand was 10 yards inside the timber and there was one tree that she could stop behind for me to be able to get ready for the shot. She executed the plan perfectly. As I drew back I realized that the arm rails on the treestand were going to be in the way. So here I was, a doe at 9 yards away and I could not shoot her; I decided to try to stand up as she was looking in the opposite direction. As I stood up, my stand squeaked, which immeadiately drew her attention. She jump about a half a foot in the air and then stood there like what the heck was that? Unfortunately for her, it was too late. I sent my arrow flying and smacked her right in the boiler room. She went 25 yards and expired.
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    Right On!!! Congrats!
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    Great job Brandon! I'll add your points. Congrats!
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    Thanks guys, just waiting for the bucks to start moving now. I am having numerous does pass by my stand so it shouldn't be long before the bucks start following them. Or atleast I hope, haha. Had another idea for a team name, Fall Assault? Good luck guys.

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    Not been a good season so far. I run trailcams most of the year and for the last month pics have been at a alltime low. I thought the colder wheather that we are getting would bring some luck....But I didn't want it to be bad luck. Got to the woods nice and early this morning and as I'm walking in to stand I pass some of my trailcams, today the first one didn't go off, so I walked closer to the tree to find it gone. I go to the next camera and it is gone too. I then went to my 1st stand and it's gone.. Now I'm Madder than Hell...I head to my 2nd stand on the way a 3rd camera is gone and when I got to my 2nd stand it to was GONE.....It's still dark out, but I start cruisin the woods collecting my other trailcameras. I was able to get 3 of my cams that THEY had not found. ...BUT on 2 of the cameras I checked the pics and found 2guys walking through the woods at 11:30am on Thursday the same 2 guys show up at 5:00pm with a boltcutter and a big prybar So They Stole 3 trailcameras with bear boxes and 2 -2man latter stands.........BUT THEY MISSED 3 Cameras But The Cameras did not miss them. .......I do not recognize ether of them but I have photos of them and I will be starting a new season of hunting this two down and getting my stuff ..............bottom line is I was hunting in the right, I've hunted this spot for over 20 years, I have had permission to be there year after year with no problems. and now there is a big problem...ME...I Will Be Out There And I Will Find Them .......THEY Best Hope They Have My Stuff My season was looking tough but now looks really ugly.
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    Team 5

    Sitting in the stand this morning starting my 10 days of hunting vacation. Should be a great week to put one on the ground.

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    How we doing team? Been a pretty slow year for me. Been busy with the kids the last couple weeks but will be back at it with the bow soon weather permitting.
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